Trojan Horse Memorial

In 2005 ACG Architects won the competition to design a memorial commemorating The Trojan Horse Massacre.

Brett Murray assisted in designing , constructing and installing some of the metalwork for this project.

In October 1985, heightened tensions between anti-apartheid demonstrators and police came to a head in the Cape Town suburb of Athlone. Eleven days after the government declared a state of emergency in other parts of the country, police hidden in the back of a South African Railways truck fired directly into a crowd of about a hundred people at an intersection on Thornton Road. Michael Miranda, 11, Shaun Magmoed, 16, and Jonathan Claasen, 21, were killed. Thirteen others were injured. Because it was an ambush, the incident would become known as the “Trojan Horse Massacre.” Thirteen policemen were eventually subpoenaed and prosecuted for the attack, but they were all acquitted in December 1989.

The Trojan Horse memorial is the winner of a competition organized under the “City of Cape Town Memory Project” initiative.